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Over the years, household appliances have made our  life more convenient. At present  it’s hard to imagine life without them. When they stop working, however, is when the idea of living without them turns into a reality. So it’s important to call in an appliance repair service quickly near you.  

Fair Oaks Appliance Repair is a leading company providing a decent level of service to each client for more than 15 years.This is a modern, dynamically developing, wide-profile service center for the repair and maintenance of household appliances, electric and gasoline-powered tools, household gas equipment. We offer supply of original spare parts from advanced manufacturers of household appliances. Our stock of spare parts is replenished on regular bases. 

We try to find an individual approach in each individual case, whether it is a minor repair of a washing machine or the installation, repair of several industrial freezers.

The main task of our employees is to help every client, regardless of the available opportunities. If we cannot do something ourselves, we will advise those who can resolve the issue.

We aim  to help our customers to get high quality service at a fair price. We offer them continuous support in a long-term relationship. Our specialists make this possible. 

All our customers, both individuals and large organizations, receive high-quality repair services in a short time and by reasonable prices.

We guarantee:

  • Quality assurance
  • Affordable prices in the city and surrounding areas
  • Individual approach
  • Professionally implemented work 

If  you don’t find your requested information on our website,you can call us and our managers will answer to all your questions.

We provide expert repair services that you can book 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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