Fair Oaks Dryer Repair

Our service center offers professional repair of home and industrial dryers in Sacramento and the region. All our craftsmen have extensive experience with equipment for dry cleaners and laundries. They have at their disposal modern equipment for repair and diagnostics, a large assortment of original spare parts and materials. All this allows quickly eliminate faults of varying degrees of complexity.
Repair of dryers is necessary in the event of the following malfunctions:
  • Voltage drops in the mains, which lead to a decrease in the power of the control module or its failure;
  • Breakdown of the heating element, requiring mandatory replacement after the end of the resource;
  • Ingress of foreign objects into the drying drum;
  • Non-observance of installation rules or incorrect connection of equipment;
  • Neglect of preventive maintenance;
  • Operation of the unit in conditions not specified by the manufacturer.
We do not recommended to repair dryers on your own, as this can cause even more malfunctions, at least it is not safety. In the event of a breakage, it is best to contact our highly qualified specialists.
Fair Oaks Dryer Repair​

Our Advantages!

Nothing is more inconvenient than an oven that won’t heat up, a refrigerator that won’t cool, a dryer that won’t dry, a dishwasher that won’t wash…So it’s time to replace the old appliance with a modern one or to call in an appliance repair service quickly. Fair Oak Dryer  Repair provides expert repair services that you can book 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Contacting our service center gives customers a number of advantages:
  • When performing repair work, professional equipment, tools, and original components are used, which ensures a high quality of repair;
  • Repair of dryers is carried out as soon as possible, and the prices for the provision of services are affordable for a wide consumer audience;
  • By entrusting the repair of household appliances to our specialists, you can be sure that all breakdowns and malfunctions will be eliminated at a highly professional level, and your washer or dryer will perform its functions properly.
In addition, heed the useful advice so as not to expose the appliance to the risk of failure, before using it, carefully read the instructions and follow the recommendations stated by the manufacturer. Correct operation and respect for household appliances are the key to their long and safe operation!