Freezing Equipment Repair

Broken refrigerators are an enormous problem that nearly everyone faces. If it’s a home refrigerator, all food and cooked meals are in danger . The situation is more serious, if the unit is commercial; the food sold is in peril . The problems are different: including noisy operation, door sweating, lack of water or ice, leaking, and temperature problems.Fair Oaks Appliance Repair offers professional team, capable of repairing any refrigeration machines: household, trade, commercial and industrial.
The quality of repair work doesn’t depend upon the complexity of the malfunction; in each case, we offer top-level services at affordable prices. In the case of complex malfunctions, our technicians will take the appliance to the workshop, in other cases, services are often provided reception , or the other place, carries out an urgent repair.

Fair Oaks Refrigerator Repair

Advantages We Offer

Advantages of our Service

  • Experienced staff with many years of experience in repair.
  • Performing work of any complexity from minor breakdown to serious damage.
  • Modern equipment and high quality spare parts. It can be used to make good repairs, a large selection of spare parts for refrigeration equipment.
  • More than acceptable prices for the services of our company.
  • Possibility of the master’s visit to the house and repair at home.
  • Repair of refrigerators and refrigeration equipment of any brand and model.
  • When replacement parts are required our engineers fit brand new high quality manufacturer approved parts.
  • Possibility of calling a specialist at home in Sacramento and nearby areas.
Refrigerator repair service