Fair Oaks Microwave Repair

These household appliances are quite popular; they are used not only at home, but also in offices, in public catering points. Household appliances have made our  life more convenient. However, like any other technique, microwaves also may fail. In order to return them to working condition, it is worth using our trustworthy repair service. It’s hard to imagine our  life without appliances. When they stop working, however, is when the idea of living without them turns into a reality. 

We always repeat to our clients: «Do not rush to throw out your “favorite appliance”! Our well-experienced and competent technicians fix the malfunction of almost any complexity and brand. But, in no case, do not repair it yourself – it is not dangerous for yourself, but also may cause a more serious malfunction of the appliance.

fair Oaks Microwave Repair​

The Most Common Malfunctions

Our Service center carries out repairs of microwave ovens in Sacramento and nearby areas.

Diagnose, identify and eliminate almost any malfunctions, carry out high-quality repairs of microwave ovens – work with which our masters can easily cope.

Here are some most common malfunctions when you need to call the masters:

  • The microwave does not turn on.
  • The microwave does not heat food very well.
  • The microwave turns on (timer is running) and the plate is spinning, but not heating.
  • Door won’t open
  • Light not working
  • Microwave oven sparks.
  • The pallet does not rotate.
  • The indicator panel is off.
  • The stove “shoots”, cracks, makes sounds uncharacteristic for a properly working device.
  • The touch keyboard does not work. At the first sign of a problem, there’s an easy solution. If you have a similar problem or another kind of problem, just call us. We are always ready to help!