Best Sollution for Your Oven

Oven renovation is a challenge for experts
Do you want to renovate your oven? Are you interested in the easiest way to do this? If you are not a qualified electrician, we recommend leaving it to the experts. Never try to repair the oven yourself. The best way is to contact Fair Oaks Appliance repair service team. Our engineering team will be happy to help, whether you need to repair your oven or oven door, or an issue with bottom heat, thermostat, enamel, hinge or anything else. You can rely on our efficient service. The masters of Fair Oaks Appliance Repair service fix the ovens problems of any model and brand efficiently, quickly and in a short time. If you have any breakage of the oven, just dial the number of our service. Hiring a professional service instead of trying to fix it yourself can also preserve your appliance’s warranty. Our trained and licensed technicians are familiar with repair of electrical and gas ovens. Besides, we work with both individuals and the commercials.
Why choose our service:
  • we use only original spare parts in our work;
  • the master will promptly arrive at your call;
  • free equipment diagnostics;
  • guarantee for the work performed;
  • highly skilled craftsmen;
  • extensive work experience;
  • Reasonable prices.

The Most Common Malfunctions

There could be a simple solution as to why your oven isn’t functioning quite as it should, from the oven not heating up properly, to the oven making a strange noise. Here you’ll find some helpful advice from the experts on a number of common issues that you simply may face whilst using your oven.
Our experienced technicians share some typical malfunctions, which usually occur during the operation of the ovens:
  • unprofessional connection during commissioning;
  • improper maintenance of equipment (cleaning with abrasives that contain acids);
  • the oven is connected to one power point along with the rest of the appliances;
  • the oven is in high humidity conditions – by the sink;
  • Mechanical damage to the coating of the inner chamber of the oven.
In such or any other cases just call us or make an online appointment! Our competent masters have all the necessary approvals for such work and will promptly repair the ovens in a possibly short time. In especially difficult cases, we accept the equipment in our service and carry out work on the repair of ovens using special professional equipment.

Cleaning and care

For the best results when cleaning your oven, we highly recommend that you use the  tested and approved products. They are suitable for removing residues from the appliance including burnt on food and preventing unpleasant odours from developing.
Cleaning oven glass
To keep a close eye on your pies and cakes, you need to be able to see through the glass door. Grease is always going to build up on the inside. So, all modern appliances have  designed doors that you can take apart and clean, plus  you can use special gels or sprays for glass cleaning.