Refrigerator Repair Service


Fair Oaks Appliance Repair service carries out high-quality  refrigerator repair, freezers and other freezing equipment in Sacramento and nearby areas. Our call centers available 24/7. Our masters come at a convenient for you time, the staff also may come to your place. We use modern tools for accurate diagnostic and only brand new spare parts directly from the manufacturers. Our qualified technicians repair both household and industrial refrigerators, freezing equipment of all models and brands at reasonable prices.

If it is important to eliminate the malfunction in a short time, be sure to point out this nuance to the operator when calling. We always meet our customers requirements.

First Aid to Your Refrigerator

Works That We Implement

All household appliances, r may have problems after long period of operation.
“Fair Oaks Appliance Repair” company, which is well known in the USA market, besides installing of commercial, industrial and storage refrigeration systems, also provides repair services for household refrigerators.
Our skilled professionals will quickly fix any malfunction of the fridge in your own house.
And you’ll get the spare parts for refrigerator repair at the foremost affordable prices.

By calling us, you’ll receive professional services and detailed specialist consultation. Our masters will come to you at the appointed time, make diagnostics, and, if you’re satisfied with the value of the repair, they’re going to eliminate the malfunction right on the spot. We provide the following works:
replacement of the compressor;
change of starting relay;
replacement of the temperature sensor;
change of blower fan;
replacement the timer;
change the heating element;
replacement the filter drier;
change of the vaporizer;
replacement of the thermostat (electromechanical thermostat);
change of the electronic thermostat;
replacement of the defrosting system;
pumping Freon into the refrigerator (refrigerant);
cleaning the capillary tube;
elimination of moisture in the system and other.
Save some time , money and freezing equipment with our trustworthy Service!