Fair Oaks Washer Repair

Nowadays, washing machines offer a great deal of convenience. They provide plenty of free time while washing your clothes. However, due to overuse or wrong exploitation, even the best and the most expensive washer may break down. 

Of course, a broken or poorly running washer causes inconveniences. Fair Oaks Washer Repair will help to solve these and such kinds of appliance repair problems. Our well-experienced and highly skilled staff will fix the malfunction of any complexity, brands, and models in the quickest possible time. Besides, we pay attention to the quality of all used spare parts; our Company cooperates with the manufacturers, so our technicians use only brand new spare parts, which guarantees the high quality of all repair works done. Our licensed technicians are here to help find a quick and the best solution for your household appliances.

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Right Explotation is the key for long life of your washing machine

Caring for a washing machine is the key to a successful wash and the appliance long-life operation. In the absence of an appropriate care, you can face serious consequences – a malfunction or even a breakdown of the machine.
Our experienced experts collected some useful recommendations, which will make it easier to care for your machine.
  • Even if you have accumulated a mountain of unwashed laundry, the drum of the washing machine should not be overloaded. Overloading the inner tank can cost you bearing or shock damage on the unit. It is better to break the washing process into several stages, between which the washing machine should “rest” for 1-1.5 hours.
  • It is worth making it a rule to check pockets, cuffs and cuffs of clothes carefully before each wash. During the washing process, a few cotton swabs, a coin, a paper clip, or just a button that has flown off can be stuck in the grooves of the drum. In addition, such a harmless metal object, like a small nail, can even break the heating element (TEN) of the washing machine.
  • The body of the washing machine must also be kept clean. To do this, it is enough to wipe it once a week with a damp cloth soaked in alcohol-free detergent, and then with a piece of dry cloth.
Please, follow these simple rules and your washing machine will work efficiently, and without interruptions.